10 x 10

by Stacey

There once was a traveler on a lanterns_14_night_hanginglong and pressing journey. Night fell, and he lost his way in the dark of a thick forest. On the verge of despair, he saw a light flickering in the distance. Making his way toward the light, he found a hut in a small clearing. When he knocked on the door, an old yogi answered and said, “What is it my friend?” “I’ve lost my way,” said the traveler. “It is a moonless night and the path I am following is hard to see.” “Come in and pass the night with me. Although my hut is humble, it is warm and I have food to share,” answered the yogi. “Thank you,” said the traveler, “but I must arrive at my destination by morning. Can you help me?” The yogi went into his hut momentarily and came back to the door smiling. “I cannot go with you, but take this lantern. It will illumine your way.” Looking forlorn, the traveler held the lantern aloft and said, “But I cannot find my way with this lantern. It’s light shines only ten feet ahead, and I have a journey of many miles to complete.” The yogi replied, “Walk ten feet, and you will be able to see another ten. And when you have walked ten more feet, yet another ten will be illumined. So ten feet by ten feet you will reach your destination.”

-Swami Kripalu

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