Putting the Re in Retrograde

by Stacey


We recently came out of a Mercury Retrograde, a time when people in the New Age and other spiritual communities generally freak the hell out. I’ve been told to avoid signing contracts, expect travel to be difficult, cars to crash, and arguments to ensue during a retrograde period.

To some, the best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is go hide under a rock and wait ‘til it’s over.

But just like the tides, energy ebbs and flows. And the fact of the matter is that life has to go on, whether the wind is at our back, propelling us along, or blowing our hair around with gale force.

Magical thinking that claims things can only be one way in order to be successful merely leads to the roller coaster of anxiety and depression that fuels my tendencies toward perfectionism. (Who, me?)

So here are a few simple suggestions for ways you can use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to your advantage the next time it rolls around. Because I can assure you, there will be a next time.



A Mercury Retrograde is a great time to let go of stuff that’s dragging you down. But instead of trying to tackle the whole enchilada, try picking one simple, small task and go from there. Once that one is completed to your liking, give yourself a small reward. For instance, during this past retrograde, I went through our entire pantry and threw out anything that was outdated.

I inventoried the canned goods, consolidated the plastic storage bags, and refilled the dry goods canisters, literally releasing the stale energy that was inhabiting my shelves, and, metaphorically, my life.

Then, using the ingredients I discovered in my now organized cabinet, I made cookies. And then we ate them.

They were delicious, by the way.



A Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to rekindle old friendships from the past. We all change and grow, and sometimes that means our relationships change, too. Why not call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a few months and just catch up? Or reconnect with that former co-worker and do a little networking?

You could set the wheels in motion for some interesting opportunities in the future.

Now I’m not encouraging you to call up that ex-lover who did you wrong, you know, the one you can’t seem to get off of your mind, and attempt to get back together. Or at least arrange one last booty call for old time’s sake. But if you do, and it goes awry, just blame it on the planets and move on.

It is Mercury Retrograde, after all.



Finally, just take a moment to slow down and ease up on your expectations.

Things might break during a retrograde, but, then again, they might break outside of one, too. And, while it’s an inconvenience, it’s not the end of the world, as much as my brain (and probably yours, too) would like to think it is.

So give yourself some slack and do what you need to so the repairs can get done. ‘Cause everyone knows how much broken stuff can disrupt your chi in Feng Shui.

If you’re into that.

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