my devotional practice

by Stacey

Your spiritual practice is your practice. No one can do it like you. And no one can do it for you. That being said, we are encouraged to have a spiritual practice that ‘looks’ like something so others can see that we’re doing it. My spiritual practice is very much like the one Amy Palko describes:

My devotional practice doesn’t look like a practice. In fact, to the outsider, it wouldn’t even look like devotion, let alone a practice! Because what it is is an unfolding, an opening, a questioning, an allowing, an accepting, a receiving, a surrendering, a dropping down into the gravity of my own body.

Rather than practicing yoga regularly, or morning pages, or meditation, or ceremonial honouring, I prefer to stay open to what feels most delicious to me in that moment. And yes, that might be yoga, or journalling, or meditation, or a ritual of sorts. It might also be a drinking a glass of really good full-­bodied Merlot. Or it might be a mid-­afternoon nap. It might be connecting with a soul sister through the wonders of Skype. Practicing devotion to my desire to swim through the midnight waters of the mystery is how I choose to experience my life. It’s a constant returning to embodied presence. And knowing that from this place, I can choose pleasure, I can choose healing, I can choose creativity, I can choose life, I can choose love. – Amy Palko

So, Sweet Pea, what does your own spiritual practice look like? What would you like it to look like? How can you let yourself be free enough to practice exactly the way you want to?

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