lather. rinse. repeat.

by Stacey

images-2I am really freaky about washing my hair every day. In that it’s really difficult for me to not. I feel strangely disconnected when I don’t, like something’s amiss. This afternoon, it finally hit me as to why. I tried an experiment where I took a shower in the morning, but didn’t wash my hair. I went about my day, trying to tolerate the weirdness and knowing that I could wash my hair later if I felt like I needed to.

By 12 noon I needed to. Bad.

When I did finally make it home to hop into the shower for a second time in the day, I realized that what I was doing was more than lathering, rinsing, and repeating as necessary. Along with expertly massaging my scalp (a technique I learned during a brief stint working in a hair salon), I was clearing my crown chakra, the first place on my body to meet the Universe and the gateway to my connection to the Divine.


No wonder I feel spaced out and disoriented when I skip the shampoo. By clearing the energy at the top of my head I am able to open myself to receive guidance from the Source of Everything. And that makes all the difference in my day.

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