Movement Coaching

The Sanskrit word for vital energy is prana.

Sometimes prana can get stuck or stagnant in our body, heart, and/or mind, creating a condition that I call General Malaise. Maybe you know the symptoms?

  • Getting swallowed up by the sofa, surrounded by candy wrappers and empty bags of potato chips while the television blares on.
  • Finding yourself endlessly wandering your favorite discount clothing store, scouting the racks for that perfect shirt that will finally make your boobs look great while hiding your belly and accentuating your hips (When your find it, sweet pea, please let me know. I’d like one in black in a size 2x).
  • Relentlessly surfing the ‘net, checking FaceBook every 5 minutes to read about all of the fabulous stuff everyone else is doing while you sit at home, bored and anxious.

The sister condition to General Malaise is what I call Miscellaneous Discontent.

It’s when you’re in constant motion, afraid that if you stop for one moment, all of the negative feelings you’re trying to avoid by overworking, overexercising, overspending, and overanythingelseing (I make up my own words sometimes) will come rushing in and you’ll be flooded with uncontrollable emotions.

Or you find yourself feeling hyper-responsible for everyone else’s happiness and well-being except your own, ensuring that the house is spotless, your boss is appeased, and that linen blouse is ironed to perfection while inside you’re crumbling faster than the stale chocolate chip cookie stashed in your purse that you might as well eat because you feel so stressed out and unappreciated.


Life doesn’t have to be that way. It can be different. It can get better.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

Using the principles of yoga philosophy along with Kaizen methodology and the gentle magick of the Universe, we will work together to cultivate and move prana through your entire being in ways that feel comfortable and do-able in order to create the life you love in the body you have at this very moment.

A life that embraces it all – the joy and pleasure as well as the pain. With a healthy dose of rest to help you integrate everything.

All you need is a curious mind and an open heart to facilitate lasting changes that will enrich your way of life.


This is not a quick fix, overnight success kind of thing. This is a gradual process. Adopting mantras like Sometimes A Shining Moment (thanks, Elliot Wigginton!) and Patience, Persistence, and Time (my own personal phrase), I will help you learn the tools you need to take care of yourself so that you can begin to help others learn how to take care of themselves. Sometimes it will be easy. Sometimes it will be difficult. But it will always be effortless. And totally worth it.

The fee for Movement Coaching is $75/hour or $50/half hour. Sessions are available in person or via phone or Skype.

So c’mon, sweet pea. Get out of the Stuck. Get into your Body.

Send me a note to CurvyYogini(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll talk. I look forward to hearing from you.