Positional Release

What is Positional Release Yoga Therapy?

Positional Release Yoga Therapy is a deeply relaxing method of relieving chronic pain, anxiety, and stress in order to bring about a sense of connection and balance in the body. Gentle, supported yoga postures are combined with a simple yogic breathing technique to unwind tight muscles and promote a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. No yoga experience is necessary to participate. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and plan to be barefoot or wear clean socks.

What happens in a session?

While laying fully clothed on a massage table, your body is slowly guided into supported yoga postures. Muscles are stretched and tension is released using gentle traction and light pressure. You will be coached through a simple yogic breathing technique to release even more stress. Many people fall asleep on the table during a session!

How many sessions do I need and how much do they cost?

I highly recommend a series of three sessions spaced 3-5 weeks apart to begin. After that, your body will tell you how best to proceed – weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc…
My current fee is $75 per hour cash/check/charge for visits in my office in the Ponce-Highlands neighborhood. For an additional $35, I can come to your home.

Who can benefit from Positional Release Yoga Therapy?

Anyone who experiences chronic pain and/or stress can benefit from Positional Release Yoga Therapy. It’s also a wonderful way to get back in touch with your body. Some of the conditions that Positional Release can be especially effective for include:

*Anxiety & Stress *Fatigue & Malaise
*Migraine Headaches *TMJ & Tension Headaches
*Rotator Cuff / Shoulder Pain *Tennis / Golf Elbow
*Low Back and Hip Pain *Knee Pain
*Plantar Fascitis *Wrist Pain

What People Are Saying About Positional Release Yoga Therapy:

“I could feel the tension melt from my shoulder immediately. It felt like magic!”

– Margie E., skincare consultant


“I slept better than I have in several months. My session helped me to finally relax.”

-Angie L., graduate student


“Thank you so much! My headache is gone and my neck feels great!”

-Clay E., salon owner


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