Workshops & Retreats

Sometimes self care means setting aside the time to get away from it all for an afternoon or, better yet, a weekend or even longer (I tremble at the thought…don’t you?). Workshops and retreats are wonderful opportunities to dive deeper into our true nature and reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.

I offer workshops and retreats on throughout the year, so check my calendar page to see what’s on the horizon.

Here is a list of my past workshops:

  • Yoga for Curvy Girls and Big Guys: learn how to fit yoga postures to your body, not the other way around
  • Yoga on the Dark Side: restorative yoga for winter solstice
  • Simply Yoga: yogic philosophy and practice for the rest of us
  • Yoga and Energy: moving prana to create positive change
  • Yoga and Vision Boards: tell the Universe what you want!


Want me to lead a workshop or retreat for your group? I’d be delighted to! Send me an email, sweet pea, and we can talk.